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  • Developer: OP Auto Clicker
  • Genre: Service Automation
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Release Date
Oct 10, 1019
OP Auto Clicker
OP Auto Clicker
Service Automation
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Eden Paine

Auto Clicker is a tool for autoclicking the mouse in order to level up in online games. It does this by creating a loop between mouse clicks and mouse movement, so the user is not required to constantly click the mouse. The Auto Clicker download free application is a browser extension that allows easy installation on a variety of browsers, making it easy for people to use.


The Auto Clicker interface is simple, offering a small, rectangular button that allows the user to either press to create a loop for clicks or press and drag to create a loop for mouse movements. Free Auto Clicker download PC also has the option to create a loop by holding the right mouse button, which is most useful when wanting to move the mouse.


The Auto Clicker free download application is easy to use for anyone with basic computer skills. It's a quick installation and it is very simple to use. The only difficult part may be working with the looping, but it is a very intuitive tool.


Auto Clicker app offers a lot more than just autoclicking. It can also be used to create a looping cursor, as well as allow the user to hold the right mouse button to move the cursor.

Auto Clicker App Features:

1.Provides full control over mouse and keyboard.

2.Install Auto Clicker compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System.

3.Allows you to control and automate the mouse and keyboard.

4.You can use download Auto Clicker free to automate all the repetitive mouse and keyboard tasks.

5.Download and use this software to create macros to automate all the actions.

6.You can apply the exact same mouse and keyboard actions over and over again.

7.Auto Clicker Windows is a very easy to use and very fast software.

8.It is a very small application which does not take up much space.

9.It is very easy to Auto Clicker install and uninstall.

10.Auto Clicker unblocked is very safe to use.


There is no way to contact the developer of download Auto Clicker PC if you have any specific problems or questions.


This is a really good auto clicker download Windows, and it's pretty easy to use. It works very well, and it has a lot of useful features. The only problem is that it doesn't have a free version and that it only works on Windows 10 32-bit version.


  • Auto clicks for you;
  • Has a built-in proxy so it works in China;
  • Can play YouTube or any mp3/video while AutoClicker is running;
  • Can simulate keyboard presses.


  • Lags when you run too many programs at once;
  • Sometimes the mouse clicks don't count;
  • Will not work on Windows XP.


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